Monday, March 23, 2009

Sing Praise

"He placed me in a little cage,
Away from gardens fair;
But I must sing the sweetest songs
Because He placed me there.
Not beat my wings against the cage
if it's my Maker's will,
But raise my voice to heaven's gate
And sing the louder still!
Remember what happened when Paul and Silas were in jail and at midnight they rose their voices in song? If you can't remember, I challenge you to read it for yourself in Acts chapter 16. Surely if they were focused only on their pain and the circumstance there would not have been the least thought or desire to do such a thing as break out in song, but their focus was on their Lord instead. Because of that they were able to open their mouths and send forth a song of praise regardless of the hardship they were facing. The harder the trial, the more we must trust and rejoice, shouting praise from the altar of sacrifice.
May I, you, go forth today with a song not only in our hearts, but on our lips as well.
Singing we go along life's road, praising the Lord, praising the Lord.
He is able, He is able. I know my Lord is able to carry me through.
Until next time I pray you rest in God’s grace and peace to sustain you one day at a time. God Bless

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