Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Legacy

I was reminded today of a beautiful poem that my mother-in-law gave to me many years ago. It has been a great encouagement to me through the years as the children were growing up. I thought of it today because I was thinking of what a great gift it is to my husband and me to see our grandchildren being nurtured in the same faith. Such a blessing.

Young this poem, take it to heart. Give to your children that faith which will last through eternity. When the road is long, needs are great, finances low, you're tired of the same old routine, and don't want to face another day of messes and chaos, perhaps these words will come back to you to remind you what it is really all about.

The Legacy

They could not give their children gold.

So they gave them faith to have and hold.

They could not give them royal birth...

A name renowned throughout the earth.

But they gave them seeds and a garden spot

And shade trees when the sun was hot.

They could not give a silver spoon

Or servants waiting night or noon.

They gave them love and a listening ear,

And told them GOD was always near.

They could not give them ocean trips,

Aboard majestic sailing ships.

But they gave them books and quiet time

Adventures found in prose and rhyme.

They could not give them worldly things

But what they gave was fit for kings.

For with their faith and book and sod

They made each child aware of GOD.

-Alice Leedy Mason

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