Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why do I care? about marriage.

It seems that now is the time. To post something that has been swirling around in the back of my mind for - weeks for sure. Can't remember exactly when I came across a question that began the brewing thoughts. Frankly, I was afraid to share them as I did not want to offend friends, loved ones or anyone for that matter. But they were fueled today as we are faced with the possibility of un-elected officials forcing the desire of one group of peoples upon the whole, stripping away the constitutional rights of states and our nation. Which in the end is going to be disastrous across the board, no matter which side of the issue you are on. I won't go there now. But where does freedom fit in here? 
Anyway, I do not purposely choose to offend anyone who may read this and does not share my point of view. But I do purposely choose to stand for /with the God in whom I believe truth is found; and to not be ashamed to express it openly.  Because I do believe God my point of view of life stems from my Biblical worldview as one who believes in Jesus Christ the Son of the living God whose word the Bible is. Through the Bible I learn and understand who God is, who I am and the reason and purpose for life.
Concerning marriage and why I do care how it is defined I have to go to the Bible for it is the standard by which I live – not the culture of the day or the whims of men, both of which change as frequently as the direction of the wind.
In the beginning God created man and woman. He gave them dominion over the earth and told them to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth. He set up a precedent for the future. Man will leave his family (father and mother), and take to himself a wife. The Bible calls it marriage. These 2 will become one in physical union. This union (consummation of marriage) producing children to fulfill God’s desire and command.  Multiply and fill the earth. God’s design and format.
Because God wanted a relationship with His creation rather than puppets or robots to manipulate He gave man a will to choose. A man or woman can choose to follow God’s design and format or they can choose to reject it.
But, since there is only one union of 2 individuals which will fulfill God’s command to multiply – i.e. male and female coming together through the act of marriage (physical union) – there is no other way for a sincere believer in Christ to view marriage.
I know many people who do not hold a Biblical view, do not believe God or the Bible. That is their choice. I accept them and care about them regardless of their belief system. And would hope they could extend the same acceptance to me regardless. But I will not be-little them, reject them or attempt to force them against their own wills to follow what I believe to be true.
So in answer to a question I had come across one day - Why do I care who someone else marries? Because I care about people and I desire the best for them. Since God is the only one who has demonstrated the degree of His love for people on a level no one else ever has –  by sending His Son to die on the cross for them – my conclusion becomes: His plan is the best plan to follow. Marriage = man and woman coming together with the desired result of creating a family. Family = father, mother and  children who will carry on the legacy. And thus fulfill God’s command and plan for His creation which He loves. 

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