Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Captive In Iran

After stating that it is a miracle that she heard the truth of Christianity in Iran Maryam writes this:
"Before school every morning we would line up to listen to one of the older children read the Koran in Arabic. Then we chanted, "Death to America! Death to Israel?"though we had no idea what "America" and "Israel" were. All we knew was that they were unspeakably evil."

And in America people are wailing and crying about the Pledge of Allegiance, The Bible, The Ten commandments any type of Christianity being allowed in our classrooms! 

This book is truly an enlightening read for Americans. We have no IDEA of what true darkness is. And yes, I am concerned that it is on the horizon for our great nation. Oh, that I and other followers of Christ would have the loyalty to Christ, (to the one we believe loved us so supremely He gave the ultimate sacrifice) - that   these 2 young women demonstrate. They were determined to not humiliate their faith in God by rejecting Him so they could escape the prison life. How convicting and challenging. And while in prison they shared the Gospel of Christ with everyone they could. Which is why they were in prison to begin with.
"I am a Christian. You have shackled me for my faith and for no other reason." Marziyeh, boldly declares to a female guard ordered to handcuff and arrest her. Which was the beginning of her journey to Evin prison in Iran where she and Maryam would remain for 259 days. A MUST read.

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