Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paradox of Faith

Thank you Father for the ‘spiritual hug’ I received recently in the recognition of another paradox in the life of a believer. A statement in a short pamphlet I was reading about Jacob in the Old Testament resonated within my Spirit. “Jacob slowly began to see that God was being more faithful in taking care of him than he (Jacob) had been in trusting God.”

What a revelation! It is so true! Despite what Jacob had done in his life to force God’s blessings to come about; God worked all things out. The story of His life is a fascinating read in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. He’s introduced in Chapter 25 being born as a twin to Esau, another interesting character.  Anyway, God took all the mis-steps and wrong choices of Jacob together with HIS good ways to fulfill HIS promises. Even as Jacob was reaping deception from the seeds of deceit he had sown earlier in his life – we do reap what we sow; still God was faithful to bring about prosperity and blessing. Promises had been given and He would fulfill them. He would give and take away as He saw necessary to do. Blessings would abound even as chastening was experienced. Chastening and blessing at times may go hand in hand! I can see it in my own life as well.  Despite the times I have sown negative seeds and reaped the negative consequences YOUR faithfulness in fulfilling your promises still are evident!

Another conundrum in the life of a believer! Thank you for your faithfulness, mercy and love. Blessed Be Your Name!

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