Saturday, July 12, 2014

Noah and Delay

It does not cease to amaze me how at certain times of need as an issue weighs down on my Spirit - when I am looking for.. not even sure what; but then through various messages, reading materials, conversations - there is a common theme, a lone thread running through them that addresses the need of my heart. God is so awesome. He does not leave us without help. First and foremost HE is with us but, that does not mean we are not to draw upon other resources. And today we have so many of them at our disposal. We have no reason to remain in doubt, confusion or ignorance.
 All that to say that I heard another great message recently that tied into the 'Holding Pattern' theme which I spoke of in my last post.
This one was dealing with Noah and God's process of preparing His people. Have you noticed that there is a process in life that we go through? There does seem to be an order of events that we can trace if we look back. Whether you are a follower of Christ or not - I believe you can see this to be true.
-Opportunities, tasks are presented
-Struggles and oppositions are faced in attempting to carry them out
- Delays occur

Delays - Holding Pattern.-  a time to build maturity as one waits to go forward, while continuing to do the immediate, necessary things...and...waits some more.
'...When everything was ready the Lord said to Noah, Go into the Ark.'

The WHEN arrives and it is time.
Though the opportunities/tasks are good, often the doing of them is hard and it takes longer than we expected for it to come to pass.

Don't get discouraged in the holding patterns of delays. Don't give up. Allow it to build maturity and refine your character. Grow in your faith and trust the Lord, the Sovereign God.

Follow the link below to hear this insightful message. Perhaps it will help you to see something new and afresh in the story of Noah.

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