Saturday, February 14, 2015

Who AM I? Who are YOU? Tell me...

Wanted to share some thoughts from this morning's daily Bible reading. The provoking thought for the day: I am amazed at God’s creation when I… 

...When I see a sunrise, the brilliant explosion of light and color
...When I see a sunset, the multitude of stars in the night sky with the splendors of  the silvery moon against the blackness of deep night
...When I witness the budding of the trees and plants in the springtime before they burst into blooms of magnificent flowers of various shapes, sizes, colors and amazing scents wafting on the breezes
...When I experience the soft breeze of coolness on a warm day, or the frigid blast of a harsh wind in the deep of winter
...When I observe the vastness of the ocean and experience the might of the mildest of waves that make me shudder to think of the power there would be in the midst of a storm with wildest of waves and I wonder at how the ocean does not consume the land; they come so far yet are somehow bound with limits

...When I watch the majestic splendor of a horse with its mane flowing in the wind as it races across the ground with such strength, excitement and anticipation quivering from its every muscle
...When I witness the absolute miracle of birth!...the intricacies that abounded in a mother’s womb to knit together a baby, a person. No two individuals are exactly alike. Each one is uniquely their own person. More marvelously and intricately sculpted than any of the finest pieces of art men could produce.

I am amazed at God’s creation when I my eyes and look around me. In the depth, complexities mixed with simplicity of what I see I understand when He says that we are without excuse if we do not recognize Him as designer.  He has made himself plainly visible to all – who are willing to see. (Romans 1:20)

Open your eyes to see. Tune your ears to hear Him ask of you as He did Job (chapters 38-41):
 “Who are you that …?” 
“Where were you when…?” 
“Are you able to…?”
                “Answer me, tell me, if you understand.” 

Job 38-41

“Let the person who accuses God answer Him.” 
Job 40:1

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