Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Splendor, Vulnerability, Security

A reflection from today's personal study of Isaiah; which inadvertently tied in with my Hebrews study.  

 But then God's Word is like that because 
ALL of it deals with life - ALL aspects of life.

What was the prompt for this reflection?  This challenge: "Ponder a time when you have been most conscious of 'the splendor of God's majesty.' What sort of feelings did that involve?"

Blank. No thoughts. WHEN have I been most conscious of His majesties? Ah, yes:  When I 'came to' so to speak after experiencing an episode of Transient Global Amnesia. Where was I at that time? I was present and functioning but only in the moment. It lasted for half a day. Those hours are gone to me, while others with me have memories -they are lost to me. Such a feeling of vulnerability that even eclipsed the blackness of memory loss experienced in 2007

 Then it was a more gradual closing of the mind, yet with rational awareness still
intact. It was completely different than the TGA episode last November. How does one describe such events? I am at a loss for words. But we are oh so vulnerable.  Stripped, laid bare, stark naked with no control of any aspect of life-vulnerable (exposed; endangered; open).  

Yet, we think we have control.

As I am typing this I am reminded of a verse from Hebrews 4. Forgive me as I explore this tangent for a moment. Verse 13 reminds us: "Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account."

Everything is laid bare before the Lord. There is NOTHING about you He does not see or know. There are NO actions you do or do not do that He is not aware of. There are no thoughts, no feelings, no nothing about you that He doesn't see or know about. (Read Psalm 139 also.) And one day we shall stand before Him in the stark nakedness of our own vulnerability in which state I dare say there will be a heightened consciousness of 'the splendor of God's majesty'!
Back to my original reflection. When rationality and realization flooded back in; after the initial sense of 'where am I', 'what happened', fear that grew into the extreme sense of VULNERABILITY, complete loss of control, that was headed toward panic - at that moment  God's peace and a deep seated sense of SECURITY took over.  SECURITY IN HIM. That is the place of rest He desires all His creation to live in. And it is available to EVERY PERSON who will believe on the one He has sent. His Son, Jesus.  In Him is my salvation, my refuge, my shield, my security in anything and everything I may face in this physical, temporal state of life.

Only as we realize the vulnerability of ourselves 
are we able to accept the security of HIM.

And once we taste and see How Good is the Lord we are more open to the splendors of His majesty in all we see - from the vast deeps of the oceans to the vulnerable babe in the womb.

Until next time I pray you rest in God's grace and peace to sustain you one day at a time. 

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