Friday, March 4, 2016

Conversation Starter. Memorial Stones

Another direction of thought stemming from my remembrance of the verse: Nahum 1:7 which I shared in a recent post. Trust or anger. Closer to or father from.

A book: Hinds Feet on High Places
A message: Stones of Remembrance.

At the same time I had been thinking and writing a post about Nahum 1:7 Jim and Jennifer did a message entitled Stones of Remembrance. They handed out rocks with the verse reference Psalm 103:2 printed on it. It  was a memorial stone of remembrance: praise the Lord and don't forget the good things He has done.

There are many things that need to be remembered and we are wise to be intentional about ways to ensure we remember them. Thus, stones of remembrance.

Throughout their history God had the Israelites use stones to identify places of importance as well as events of importance. It is a good thing to do. As God explained to them, when others would see it they would ask about it. The door would be opened to explain the significance to others while reminding the one doing the explaining as well. Things of importance need to be held onto for ourselves as well as passed on to others.  There is encouragement, strength and hope in remembering - the important things, important events, major changes, places.

As I listened to the message and received the memorial stone that day I was reminded of a book I had been given MANY years ago. A dear friend gave it to me during that difficult time of life mentioned in the Nahum 1:7 post referred to previously.

The book: Hinds Feet on High Places. A beautiful allegory of trust. It is about a young woman named Much Afraid who is following the Shepherd but is continually plagued with fears. Will she continue to trust the Shepherd even though at times it may seem she is being deceived, the path looks so wrong, it is not comfortable, and it may take much strength and a long time to the final destination? 
As the Shepherd teaches her lessons of His love, security and faithfulness along the difficult paths she traverses, she collects some item as a reminder of the lesson learned. Often it was a pebble of sorts, one with a unique look, color or character to it to be used as a memorial of what the Shepherd had done for her. She would place them in a little pouch and carried them with her.

At the time I was reading the book (actually it is one book I have read more than once, it is that good!) I had thought to do the same thing with lessons learned. I had intended to actually have something tangible as a pebble of sorts, but ended up collecting verses the Lord would give to me at times. Such as Nahum 1:7. I wrote it on an index card and hung it up where I would see it often. As another new lesson was learned and a new verse was presented I would add it to the collection. At some point during the years and a few moves, the verse cards were relegated to a card box, mixed in with the many other verses memorized through the years. I was inspired by the message to go back to try to remember and find ones which had been given to me as a life line for a particular time or trial. So far I have come across at least 5 specific ones which the Lord has helped me recognize as verses from pivotal moments in the past. Which I shall endeavor to write about as well as the thoughts come together. 

Perhaps I shall at this time write the references on stones to display for the continued visual reminder as well as conversation starter. Others may see and ask about them.
What are some important decisions, events in your life that you need to be more intentional about remembering and passing on?

Until next time may you rest in God's grace and peace to sustain you one day at a time.

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